How to fix a Bluetooth keyboard that won’t work

A lot of Bluetooth keyboards, including Apple’s own, work on Apple devices but don’t work on Android phones.

And many manufacturers don’t offer an SDK to allow developers to build their own Bluetooth keyboards. 

A company called Bluehole has developed an Android app that lets users make their own Android-compatible Bluetooth keyboards with just a few taps. 

“The problem is that you’re basically missing out on something that you could build into your Android device,” said Kevin Kelly, a Bluetooth expert at the University of Southern California. 

The Bluehole keyboard works by detecting whether a Bluetooth headset has an Android SDK installed and using that information to connect to a device. 

To do this, it has to be connected to a Bluetooth adapter. 

Bluehole says it has a handful of different Bluetooth adapters for different devices. 

It also has an app that allows users to add their own custom Android-specific Bluetooth adapter to the app. 

One of the adapters that comes with the app allows you to set the Bluetooth adapter’s protocol to a list of supported Bluetooth headsets. 

Kelly said he’s tried all of them and none of them work. 

For example, the one that comes included with the Bluehole Android app doesn’t support Bluetooth 4.0. 

He said that because of this, you’ll have to manually change the Bluetooth Adapter’s protocol and then connect the device to the adapter, which can take a few tries. 

Another adapter he tried had Bluetooth 4 support but didn’t support Android headsets.

“I think that’s one of the major challenges for people who are trying to make their Android devices Bluetooth compatible,” Kelly said. 

That adapter also has to connect wirelessly to a computer. 

Some Bluetooth headsets also require you to install additional software to support Bluetooth headsets on Android. 

And the Blueholics app also has a disclaimer that says it does not provide support for Android phones or tablets. 

So for now, the only Bluetooth keyboards that work on Bluehole’s Android apps are for Apple devices.

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