Diesel mechanic, diesel mechanic: Job pays more than $150,000

A diesel mechanic pays nearly $150 an hour more than a maintenance mechanic.

The figures, compiled by the Irish Times, show that an average of 6,000 men and women work in the country’s diesel industry, which is worth more than €1.7 billion a year.

The statistics also show that the pay is much higher than the national average of €20,000.

There are a variety of jobs that pay higher than €20k but the vast majority of them are maintenance, according to the data.

The National Union of Mineworkers says the average pay for diesel mechanics in the Republic is €40,000, and the average wage for a maintenance man is around €50,000 an hour.

In a statement, the National Union said there is a lack of skilled diesel mechanics.

It said the National Council of Mineworks, the body responsible for setting wages for the country, is still trying to develop a national wage scheme.