Why the US military should spend more money on defense, not less

President Donald Trump is making it clear that his top priority is the defense of the United States, but he’s also saying he wants to put more money toward things that are not military.

Trump said on Friday that he wants the Pentagon to spend $100 billion more per year on its operations and maintenance.

“You know, I want to make sure that the military is spending money and it’s spending it right now,” Trump said at a news conference in Florida.

Trump also said the U.S. is working on a plan to spend more than $5 trillion on the military, including $4 trillion to buy more F-35 fighter jets and $3 trillion to build up the navy.

But Trump has yet to put a price tag on that plan.

He also said he would spend a lot more on the Coast Guard and border protection, both of which have seen increased funding since Trump took office.