The NFL is ‘a complete disgrace’

The NFL’s “negative feedback mechanism” has been deemed to be “an utter disgrace”.

The league’s anti-trolling committee has recommended the NFL eliminate the feature which allows fans to leave negative reviews of teams on social media.

The NFL Players Association has previously supported eliminating the feature, which has been in place since the merger with the NFL.

The committee’s report states: “In a democracy, the free flow of information is critical to a healthy democracy.

The NFL and its owners have a responsibility to make it easier for fans to express their views on issues, especially on social networking sites, without fear of retribution.”

The committee says it would not recommend eliminating the system because it “provides an important service to fans” but also because “we must ensure that the integrity of the process is maintained.”

“We do not agree with the committee’s conclusion that the system is not working,” the league said in a statement.

The team that has come under fire the most on social networks was the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The team has a total of 8,400 negative reviews, according to the report.

It’s also the second most popular team on Twitter.

The Jaguars, which have been one of the worst-performing franchises in the league this season, have been subject to a raft of negative criticism on social platforms, including a tweet that read: “I think Jags fans are getting sick of it.

It’s disgusting.



The team is also being investigated for alleged “disgraceful conduct” for a game against the New Orleans Saints.

The Jacksonville Jaguars were recently fined $5 million by the league after an investigation into whether they mishandled a knee injury suffered by running back Marshawn Lynch.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.