The Legendary Mechanic 1972

Crazed mechanic and mechanical fan,the legend of the mechanic was born in 1972 when he built a small car.

It was called the “Crazy Horse”, and the owner of the vehicle, the mechanic, was named C.C. (Crazy Chicken).

C.H. started out as a mechanic for a couple of local dealers, but eventually decided to sell the car.

He was so successful, he started his own car dealership.


C wrote a book on the subject, the Mechanic, and published it in 1972, which is when he decided to create a new kind of mechanic.

His book included a chapter on C.B. the car mechanic, who is known as the original mechanical genius.

Crazy C. B. started by building his own engine and chassis, but the engine needed a replacement.

He decided to build the engine and transmission himself, and built it into his own “Mechanic”.

The Mechanic had two major mechanical problems.

First, the transmission had to be fixed to get it to run.

The problem was not mechanical at all.

It happened because C. H. decided to do something a little more dangerous.

C H. started an engine shop to make parts to fix the transmission, but it was the transmission that got the worst of the problems.

The mechanic was caught with a shotgun on his hands.

The gun jammed and the whole assembly fell off the truck.

The truck broke down, and the mechanic had to abandon the business.

After the incident, C. S. started his very own car mechanic shop, and soon the “Mechanic” name was associated with a whole new profession.

The Mechanics business went on to become a very successful one, as C.M.S. was the name of a car dealership in the 1970s.

Crazed Mechanic is now the head mechanic for the famous “Stingray” series of cars.

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