Mercedes mechanic uses silent mechanical keyboard to communicate with passengers

Mercedes mechanic builds quiet mechanical keyboard using wood, metal, and glass article Mercedes-Benz is introducing a quiet mechanical keyboards that can be activated remotely.

The company’s engineers developed the Quiet Mechanical Keyboard (QML) for its Mercedes-AMG C-Class, the latest in a series of quiet mechanicals designed to reduce noise while keeping users comfortable.

The QML features a keyboard that uses wood, brass, aluminum, and plastic as keycaps, as well as a small plastic button for each keycap to communicate information.

It’s designed for use with an optional quiet mechanical mouse that the company will soon launch, which will be similar to the one it sells in the U.S.QML’s design also allows it to function in different environments.

It can be used as a standalone keyboard or integrated into a laptop, laptop accessory, or other device.

The company says the QML will be available in mid-2017, though it hasn’t said when it will launch it in other countries.

The Quiet Mechanical Keyboards also come with an interactive tutorial, a small booklet, and an instructional video.

In addition, the company is offering a bundle of the QSL for $4,000.

The manual, keyboard, and mouse bundle comes with a USB cable, a USB charging cord, a micro-USB cable, and a battery pack.

The kit is available now through Mercedes-BMW, BMW dealers, and retailers.

The Mercedes-Amg C-class is the company’s first new car since 2015’s A-Class.

Mercedes- AMG CEO Dieter Zetsche said in a statement that QMLs were designed to provide the “highest level of comfort and quietness” for passengers.

The Quiet Mechanical Keyset was also announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show.