How to make a mechanical wing that flies without a wingspan

A new technology could transform the way planes fly, making them more maneuverable and quieter.

The technology would give planes the ability to lift heavy objects by using small wings that would flap up and down and lift them to an upright position.

The design, which could transform airplane flying in the future, would be called the “mechanically wings” concept, according to an engineering paper published Monday by a team of researchers at NASA’s Ames Research Center.

The team is also exploring how to make the wings work on other surfaces, such as the skin of the aircraft, which is much thinner than the wing, according the paper.

“We can get rid of the wings and make them work on more surfaces,” said lead researcher Eric Richey, who is also a professor of aerospace engineering at Ames.

The technology could provide improved flight performance, Richeys team has said.

The concept is similar to the way wing-mounted cameras can zoom in on objects.

But unlike the cameras, which are usually attached to the plane, the wings are attached to a plane.

Richey said the wing design can be adjusted to make it fly on a number of different surfaces, from skin to wings.

The wings can also be made smaller and more maneuverible.

The researchers’ concept is just one of a number that could transform aviation in the coming years.

The researchers said they also hope to develop a mechanical-like wing that could take off vertically.

The goal is to have a wingspans that would allow planes to fly faster than today’s aircraft.

The new technology might also lead to the development of new aircraft designs.

Rachey said his team is working with companies in the aerospace industry and government to create a commercial version of the technology.

“The commercial wing design will likely be similar to a wing that is attached to an airplane and controlled by the wingspan,” Richex said.NASA Ames/Jeff Christensen

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