Honda CR-V diesel truck with a radio antenna can hear other trucks and cars

Updated September 25, 2018 06:24:54 Honda CRV diesel trucks are a popular alternative to gas-powered trucks in Australia, but the company behind the carmaker’s latest hybrid truck has been working on a way to turn its diesel engines into something more useful.

Key points:The CR-X diesel truck has a radio-activated navigation system that uses its engine to provide direction and navigation to other vehiclesSource: ABC News The CRX is a hybrid diesel truck, meaning it can also be powered by gasoline engines, but it has a different operating system that lets it communicate with other vehicles.

In the US, Honda has been trying to get its CR-v diesel truck onto the road as an alternative to gasoline powered vehicles.

“This is a very smart way to use these trucks,” said Peter Wilson, head of vehicle operations at Honda’s Australian operations.

The CRR-X, which is currently available in Australia and New Zealand, uses a combination of sensors, cameras and radar to provide directions to other cars.

A sensor inside the CR-Xi, which can see the world around it, will let other cars know where to go.

The sensors in the CRX can pick up on other vehicles, and even other drivers, with the help of the engine.

It also has a “radar antenna” that allows it to communicate with the car behind it.

“We’ve been working with the owners to bring the CRXi to Australia,” Mr Wilson said.

Mr Wilson said that while other cars in Australia would need to be registered, the CRV will be able to operate legally on public roads.

Honda says that other carmakers are working on using similar technologies, and will eventually have an on-demand system that could allow them to give the CRC-Xi a private driving license.

Other vehicles with radar antennas and cameras are already on the road, including a Toyota Camry and Hyundai Elantra.

Honda has also introduced the CRB-X electric car, which it hopes will revolutionise the diesel engine industry.

The company says the CRP-X is more fuel-efficient than gasoline-powered vehicles.

The new CRX diesel is available in four different models, including the CRRX, the latest CRX-X and the CRIX, and it costs $22,995.