Car mechanic salaries in Dubai – in pictures

Car mechanic salary in Dubai, where the average monthly wage is about $100,000, according to figures released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

The figures, compiled by the Dubai Association of Automotive Professionals, showed that a car mechanic can earn $11,000 per month, or $8,000 less than his equivalent in the US, while a mechanic working in a building maintenance facility earns about $12,000.

The minimum wage in Dubai is $12.70 per day.

The ministry said that in 2017, the number of car mechanics employed in Dubai reached 5,000 and they are now one of the biggest employers in the country.

The figures are based on the total number of employees, which is around 1,000 for each of the six professions in Dubai.

The figures showed that the salaries of the most senior car mechanic workers in Dubai are among the highest.

They earn a salary of about $16,000 to $20,000 annually, the ministry said.

However, this is only if they are doing the work on a fixed hours basis.

For a car technician, the minimum wage is $10,000 but if they work on fixed hours they earn more, the figures show.