Why do the robots keep coming back?

Reactions to the introduction of robotic versions of the human beings that are already a part of our lives have been mixed.

While the majority of people seem to be in favour of having robots as part of the workforce, there is a certain segment of the population who are against it.

They feel that these robots are replacing human jobs and will have a negative impact on the environment.

While some have voiced their support for robots, others are against the idea.

One of the major issues that they have is the issue of the cost.

Currently, there are about 15,000 machines in the world and with the rapid development of robotics, the number is expected to grow.

This will be a major challenge for companies.

As per a report by Kolkata-based market research firm Global Robotics Market Intelligence, global robotics market is expected grow by about 4% in 2017.

It is expected that the robotics market will reach $17.6 billion by 2022.