What does the Terraria engine have to do with flying planes?

From the outside, the Terriaria looks like a standard winged plane.

But inside the plane’s massive cabin, it’s a whole new breed of machine.

Inside the Terracina, it has an autonomous autopilot that controls the flight, and a superconducting electric motor that can be steered by an external computer system.

Its blades can spin at speeds up to 100,000 rpm.

That power comes from the Terria’s engine, which generates the electrical power to drive the plane in flight.

Terria will soon begin flying commercial flights, and it has already made headlines for its autonomous autopilots.

But this superconductive electric motor is so fast and powerful, that it’s also superconductively conducting, which means that when a turbine is turned on or off, it will generate electric current and can be used to move the plane.

The Terria has the potential to revolutionize flying machines.

And if it succeeds, it could make the world’s air traffic controllers rethink the way they do business.

This is a production-ready Terrarian aircraft at the International Aerospace Industries Aviation Show in Dubai, UAE, in 2015.