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It is offensive’ article Fox News anchor Gretchen Matthews is set to leave Fox News after 21 years as the network’s anchor.

The network announced Matthews’ departure in a statement on Monday, and the network said Matthews was “deeply saddened” by the allegations and her decision to leave.

“It is a difficult decision for Gretchen, but we believe she made the right one,” the statement read.

“She is a talented journalist who was a valued contributor to our coverage of the 2016 election and has the utmost respect for our colleagues and viewers.

She is a great host and friend, and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with her.”

Matthews, who had a 15-year run at Fox News as the show’s anchor from 2010 to 2013, is a native New Yorker who has also appeared on the network.

She joined Fox News in 2003 and had a recurring role on the cable news program “The O’Reilly Factor,” before transitioning to a more daytime talk show.

The former anchor and co-host of “The Five” was also known for her strong opinions on politics and the media.

Matthews was also a longtime supporter of President Donald Trump.

She and the Fox News team initially refused to address the allegations against her.

Matthews is the latest woman to come forward with allegations against the network after former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes resigned last month amid a sexual harassment case involving a female employee.

The company has denied all the allegations, but the allegations have prompted a renewed conversation about the network and its handling of the sexual harassment claims.

Fox News, which has been accused of misogyny in the past, has been under increased scrutiny for its treatment of women and minorities.

The allegations against Matthews come just months after former “The View” host Meghan McCain claimed in a Facebook post that the network pressured her to make a sexual advance in an effort to get her to take down her Facebook post.

Fox has denied the allegations.