The ‘my mechanic’ meme is spreading to the airline industry

A mechanical meme that refers to a mechanic as a “mechanical geek” has spread to airline pilots and their mechanics, according to the BBC.

The “my mechanic” meme originated on Reddit, where it was popularized by Reddit user DankMan_Me, who also started a subreddit devoted to the meme, the BBC reported.

While the meme is not as widely known outside of Reddit, it has spread online and gained a following of its own.

DankMan__Me wrote in an April tweet that “the meme’s popularity is due to the sheer number of ‘mechanics’ that are using it in everyday life.”

He went on to say that the meme “has also been seen on TV, in commercials, and even on Reddit.”

A few weeks later, the “my mechanics” meme began to trend on Twitter.

Users began posting screenshots of themselves typing their username on their smartphones or other devices and captioning the photos with phrases like “my guy, my mechanic.”

The tweets then circulated on social media.

“I just got an iPhone from an old friend and I love it,” one user wrote in a caption for a screenshot.

“My guy is a mechanic.

I’m so happy,” another user wrote.

The meme has gained traction on Twitter and Reddit.

It has also gained momentum in the airline world.

The BBC reported that a pilot in the US who works at an airline told the BBC that the word mechanic has become “a term used by mechanics to describe anyone who is not a mechanic.”

A spokeswoman for the US Department of Transportation told the news agency that the US Transportation Security Administration is working with the Department of Homeland Security to crack down on “the use of the term mechanic.”

The TSA said it had also begun to “actively investigate the use of ‘my guy’ as a slang term by some airline pilots.”

In another tweet, the agency wrote, “We have a serious cybercrime problem and we need the tools to stop this from spreading.”