Microsoft will begin selling its mechanical keyboard for $129 starting today

Microsoft will start selling its Mechanical Keyboard starting today for $109, Microsoft said today.

This will be the first time Microsoft will sell a mechanical keyboard at retail, and the company says it’s not the only one.

Amazon and Best Buy are also starting to sell mechanical keyboards.

Apple, meanwhile, is now selling its AppleCare+ subscription service, which offers the company a way to get AppleCare+, the Microsoft-approved replacement for keyboard replacements, and an AppleCare subscription to the hardware itself.

Microsoft said that it would also be launching a new hardware platform, called Windows Mixed Reality, which includes virtual reality and augmented reality, but that details are still being worked out.

Microsoft’s Surface and Surface Book are both designed to work with Microsoft’s Mixed Reality headsets, which include the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, Microsoft says.

Microsoft says it plans to roll out Windows Mixed VR to “millions” of customers in the next year.