How to stop using your cellphone while driving

By KEVIN BROWNSTEIN, Associated PressWASHINGTON (AP) The U.S. Department of Transportation is developing a safety device that uses sound and light to help drivers stop and react to other drivers, and hopes to sell it by the end of the year.

It’s called the Positive Feedback Mechanism, and it uses a computer system that detects changes in the vehicle’s orientation by tracking how the vehicle is moving.

The device would use sound waves to help warn drivers of a car’s position, then the car could be turned to avoid a collision.

The technology has already been tested by a pilot program in Texas.

The DOT’s announcement came the same day the U.N. agency issued a draft report that recommends using the technology in all U.K. highways, but it says it’s unlikely that will happen.

The U,N.

body says it would be a significant step toward safety, but its recommendations are limited.

The device would not be mandatory in the U, but the DOT says it will use it in some cases.

It says it is looking for the right partners for the technology, but no timetable has been given.

The technology is the brainchild of former U.W. engineer Stephen Burtch, who left the DOT after 15 years in 2009 to work for the manufacturer of a smartphone.

He says the devices can be used in emergency situations when a driver’s eyesight is impaired, such as a motorist driving with his or her left hand over the steering wheel.

“This is a technology that has the potential to reduce the risk of a driver becoming incapacitated by other drivers while in a crash,” Burtich said in a statement.

“While the technology will not replace human drivers, it will make them safer.”

Burtch says he plans to develop the technology as a pilot for the U.,N.

and other agencies and to sell the device to manufacturers.

He says it could be the answer to the problem of distracted driving.

The problem is that a lot of people drive at a high speed, driving at the limit and taking other drivers for granted, he said.

The report says the technology could be used to alert a driver to a collision that could be a safety hazard, or to stop and warn other drivers when a vehicle is traveling at a higher speed.

It also says the device could be applied in emergency vehicle situations, such a when a car is stuck in a ditch.

It also recommends that the DOT use the technology when it’s operating an airport or highway where drivers are likely to be distracted.

The U.F.O.S., the group that developed the technology and is working on a patent application for it, says it expects the device would be available in 2020.

The group says the new technology would allow drivers to identify the direction of a vehicle by looking at the light of its headlights or by using a camera on the vehicle.