When tech companies say ‘we’re just doing it for the kids’….the truth is, they’re doing it to themselves

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is reportedly considering the idea of starting a new, more independent nonprofit to provide training for the tech industry to help create the next generation of software engineers.

According to Recode, Cook is considering launching a new nonprofit, AppleTech, to help build software talent and train them in the art of coding.

Cook has long argued that the tech world needs to grow more quickly to make sure the next generations of engineers are equipped with the skills to build software products.

He said earlier this year that the U.S. has the most talented tech workforce in the world, but it’s not enough for companies to get their workers to focus on software engineering.

Apple’s top talent isn’t exactly known for their coding prowess.

Apple CEO Tim Tim Cook was fired from the company in 2015 for sexual harassment allegations.