The Bluetooth Bluetooth Typewriter is Here to Replace Your Mouse and Keyboard

The new keyboard and mouse, which are expected to cost about $1,000, could be the first of its kind in a market dominated by smartphones and tablets.

The new mechanical keyboard uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the keyboard via the Internet.

And unlike other keyboards that rely on touchscreens, the Bluetooth keyboard lets you type directly on it, instead of requiring the user to swipe to the left or right.

It also has a built-in stylus so users can tap on letters and type quickly.

While many Bluetooth keyboards can be purchased in bulk for $250, this new model is only $500.

“We’re bringing back the tactile experience,” said Dan Micallef, a cofounder and president of the Bluetooth Typist company, which was founded in 2015 by a former Apple employee.

The keyboard uses an electronic mechanism to connect the keyboard to the computer via Bluetooth.

The key switches to a red, green or blue key for typing, and the button for the function key, or “A” for the left arrow key.

The mechanical keyboard also features a stylus, which can be turned on and off.

There’s also an additional, removable, keyboard cover.

The battery is rated at 12 hours of use.

The Bluetooth Typists’ wireless keyboard is one of a handful of products that will make the transition from keyboards to mice and trackpads.

Others include the Microsoft Surface Pro 2, the Lenovo ThinkPad Y1, and a Bluetooth keyboard from the Razer Blade Pro.

But this new keyboard, which will cost about a third of the $1.5 million Razer Blade pro, is expected to be the biggest competitor to the Razer, which launched in September 2017.

The company hopes the new keyboard will replace traditional keyboards like the Logitech MX Master and Cherry MX Brown.

Its Bluetooth Typers are expected in the second quarter of 2019.

And the company’s next project is to sell a Bluetooth Keyboard with a touch screen.

“A lot of these products have keyboards that are sort of touch-based, but you have to do the touch-to-type thing,” Micalliffe said.

“That’s where this keyboard is going to shine.”

The Bluetooth Keyboard will also be compatible with Windows 10, which is expected in late 2019.

But it’s also available on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.